After his death, Agent Lewis was immediately replaced by Agent DelBianco as head of the Special Unit. Agent DelBianco suffered a death identical to Agent Lewis' in Union City, Tennessee, just five short years after taking command. As did his successor, Agent McMahon, in 1979. And after that, Agent Sommers in 1999. That is four identical deaths for each head of the Special Unit.

There is no official explanation for these deaths. Over the years, advocates for the Unit have pointed their collective fingers at a single man for the murders. Man may not be accurate, rather "alien" is the more precise term. If these deaths are the work of one being, it would be a calculating murderer who has kept a keen eye on the leaders of a Unit so hidden, it has been unknown to the greater portion of our government for fifty years. How would such a being gain the identities of these men? How could such a being go undetected by any other law enforcement agency in this country for half a century?

Sometimes we reject the obvious for the obtuse not wanting to believe the truth is as easy as it seems. However, in this case, the truth could be as simple as it is dark. Proving an alien is responsible for the deaths of so many over such a long time period would be a futile effort. But, linking these deaths to the Unit itself would only take a few short moments of clarity. The bulk of this report covers the only tangible traces left of the Unit: receipts, phone logs, ledgers and a few incongruous files. Through them we can try to piece together the physical actions of the Unit, but as for the real motives and beliefs behind what the Unit did - there is only speculation. Why the Unit was created in the first place, why it continued to thrive in secrecy, why it was allowed to commit unconscionable crimes again and again... these are the real questions that beg to be answered. We will never have those answers because they died in the field with some of our country's finest agents. Men and women who died for a cause unknown to anyone, perhaps even to themselves.

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