DATE: 10/27/99
SUBJ: Hey stranger!


It was great to hear from you after all these years.  What am I doing
with myself?  Working with kids. It's great, it's like we always talked
about.  Yeah, I had dreams about being an FBI agent, but the reality of
joining the Feds was too much for me and I decided I needed a normal

I promise I'll write more at some point, because I'm really busy now. 
But the emotion of your e-mail affected me, and I know I needed to
respond to it.  You and I both know that we can't just pick up where we
left off.  You left me, remember?  You were the one who said that he
needed more out of life, and out of a lover.  You can't say those things
and think they don't send a dagger through your heart.

I'm sorry you're in pain, but that's not my problem right now.  Maybe
one day we can pick up where we left off.  But for right now, we should
stay friends.  We both know that's the best way to keep it.

All my best,


ENCRYPT#: 23509809sdfg2340-95-0
ENCRYPT#: 65498884Safs6573-29-0
DATE: 10/28/99
SUBJ: Struck out at Valenti's

Agent Stephens:

Just received report from Agent Moss.  Apparently Evans and Parker had
the same idea I did and thought Kyle Valenti might have the diary.  They
didn't find it, and neither did he.  Further inspection was cut short
due to the arrival of the younger Valenti.

Will report in once I have more information.  However, I did notice that
Guerin's artwork has been displayed prominently in the school.  It's the
geodesic dome that William Atherton lived in.  How Guerin knows of its
existence is still a mystery.

Agent Topolsky

DATE: 11/6/99

Please send the following to the address listed in my account.

102-kajh-054654 	"Sex and the Single FBI Agent" by K. Lingenfelter
507-ksa-273546	"The Best and the Brightest" by D. Halberstam
671-asxv-68910	"Full Metal Jacket" (VHS)
739-kjsa-654008	Casio Magic Wand

Thank you.

ENCRYPT#: 23509809sdfg2340-95-0
ENCRYPT#: 65498884Safs6573-29-0
DATE: 11/9/99
SUBJ: Suspects leaving Roswell

Agent Stephens:

Suggested to students' history teacher that he have kids do their own
question and answer sessions.  Teacher seemed to think it was a good
idea and even accepted the pairings I recommended.  He promised to let
me know the results of the session, which I thought might provide some

Major happening occurred later in the day, though, when Agent Baxter
discovered the kids leaving town.  I told him to follow them, which took
him on 285 South.  He's just been made by Max Evans at a convenience
store right inside the Texas border.  Now that his cover has been blown,
I've decided to take up the trail. Currently en route after the kids. 
After seeing Guerin's artwork, I feel positive that they are heading to
the Atherton house.  Will report in once I have more information.

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