ENCRYPT#: 23509809sdfg2340-95-0
ENCRYPT#: 65498884Safs6573-29-0
DATE: 11/11/99
SUBJ: Athterton's House

Agent Stephens:

The trail of Max Evans and Liz Parker did indeed led me to William
Atherton's house. Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca had, at some point,
joined them.  Isabel Evans was also in the car with them.

Even though the bureau had already searched the house, I decided to hang
back and see what the kids might turn up.  I felt that the artifacts
Atherton had collected might mean more to them than to the Special Unit.
 However, this plan was foiled by Sheriff Valenti, who apparently had
been following the kids on his own time.  Because I didn't think I could
let the sheriff discover the kids, I silently tracked the sheriff
inside.  When he was at the point of finding them, I disabled the
sheriff with a kick to the back of the head.

At that point, I knew that the kids knew someone was following them. I
decided to follow them into the secret room that Atherton had installed;
unfortunately, they had found their way out.  They did not make visual
contact with me, but I was unable to ascertain what had been taken from
the house, if anything.

Please advise as to how to proceed.

ENCRYPT#: 23509809sdfg2340-95-0
ENCRYPT#: 65498884Safs6573-29-0
DATE: 11/11/99
SUBJ: Evans House

Agent Stephens:

Investigation at the Evans House went as planned.  We encountered no
resistance.  However, we did not uncover the evidence you requested. 
Nothing from the Atherton house appeared in either of the Evans' kids'

Tailed all the kids tonight.  While Agent Moss tailed Michael Guerin, I
followed Max Evans and Liz Parker on a date.  Normal evening ensued. 
Ran into Sheriff Valenti, who did not make overtures that he saw me at
the Atherton house this morning.  Sheriff still in the dark, cover still
alive.  Intend to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Agent Topolsky

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